Informed Decision-Making: What to Consider When Choosing a Collectible Card Evaluation Package

Informed Decision-Making: What to Consider When Choosing a Collectible Card Evaluation Package

As a collector, you want to be sure that the cards you buy or the ones you possess are authentic. This calls for evaluation, which determines the card’s value and condition, with higher grades indicating better condition and higher value. For such evaluation, you will use service providers that do card grading using cutting-edge technology. These companies have different evaluation packages that you can choose from. The packages differ in what they entail, hence the need for keenness during selection. Read this article to the end to learn what to consider.

Turnaround Time

Start by considering the turnaround time (TAT), which is the amount of time the service provider will take to evaluate, grade, authenticate the cards, and issue a certificate. Doing so is essential because it this factor will affect your convenience and opportunities. Select a package with a shorter TAT, which allows you to get your report faster and sell whenever an opportunity arises. However, it’s worth noting that the TAT will depend on your card type and service level.

Submission Kit

You should also consider the submission kit, a set of materials and instructions that help you to prepare and ship your collectibles to a grading service provider. It contains the following:

          Semi-rigid holder           Cardboard
          Tape           Boxes
          Stickers           Soft sleeves
          Bubble wraps           Tips and tricks sheet

Check if the package you intend to choose contains a submission kit. This is crucial because you will get the items and guidance on how to package your card for submission. In addition, the kit will make your grading submission cost-effective.

TAG Submission Kit – TAG Grading

Security Measures

It’d be worth considering the security measures the package comes with. These refer to actions and tools used to protect your cards from getting lost, stolen, or tampered with while in transit. Some of the security measures such packages come with include but aren’t limited to the use of secure tamper-proof packaging and tracking when the cards are in transit. During your selection, compare the security measures of each package to determine the one suitable depending on the value and worth of the cards.

Insurance Coverage

Besides security measures, you should consider if the evaluation package comes with insurance coverage. This is crucial, especially when submitting highly sought-after cards. The insurance coverage, in this case, refers to the amount of money the grading company will pay you as compensation should the cards get lost, stolen, or damaged. Doing so will reduce your financial risk.


You should consider cost when selecting an evaluation package for your card grading because it can affect your return on investment. The cost of each package will depend on the level of service, the quality of the cards, and the speed of evaluation. Therefore, depending on your urgency and budget, choose a package that will get you the report as fast as possible and keep your collectible cards safe while in transit.

Grading collectible cards is critical because it helps you determine their worth. Several companies offer these services, each with different packages. When selecting the package, you should consider the features you have read here.

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