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“The Significance of ‘Con Mèo Số Mấy’ in Vietnamese Culture”


“Con Mèo Số Mấy” is a phrase in Vietnamese that translates to “What number cat?” in English. This seemingly innocent and simple question holds a unique cultural significance in Vietnamese folklore and is often used in a playful and superstitious manner. Let’s delve into the origins and meaning behind this intriguing expression.

Cultural Context:

In Vietnamese culture, cats have been traditionally associated with various superstitions and beliefs. Cats are believed to possess mystical qualities and are often seen as bringers of good luck and fortune. The concept of “Con Mèo Số Mấy” is deeply rooted in the idea that different numbered cats bring different kinds of luck or fortune.

Understanding the Numbers:

The phrase “Số Mấy” translates to “What number” in English. In the context of “Con Mèo Số Mấy,” the number refers to the markings on a cat’s coat. It is believed that the pattern or arrangement of colors on a cat’s fur can determine the type of luck it brings.

For example, some people believe that a cat with three colors (tricolor) is particularly lucky and brings prosperity and happiness to its owner. On the other hand, a cat with a solid black color may be associated with warding off evil spirits.

Cultural Practices:

The belief in the significance of “Con Mèo Số Mấy” has influenced various cultural practices in Vietnam. Some people choose to adopt cats with specific fur patterns based on the perceived luck associated with those patterns. Others may consult fortune tellers or spiritual guides to determine the auspiciousness of a cat based on its markings.

Beyond the superstitious aspect, cats are also revered for their companionship and playfulness. Many households keep cats as pets, appreciating their presence for the joy and warmth they bring to the home.

Con mèo số mấy? Đanh con gì?

Như các bạn đã biết đôi khi gặp mèo lại rất may mắn với những người hợp với chúng có thể quấn quýt cả ngày mà không thấy chán . để chọn những cặp số may mắn nhất đánh ngày hôm nay khi gặp mèo các bạn có thể tham khảo con mèo đánh số mấy ?

con mèo số mấy

Mèo đẻ là số 01 – 23 – 62
Bị mèo cắn là số 29 – 14 – 41
Hai con mèo cắn nhau là số 86
Mèo nằm ngủ là số 00 – 58
Mèo nhà là số 18 – 81
Mèo rừng là số 14 – 54 – 94
Mèo trắng là số 23 – 32
Mèo vào nhà bắt được chuột 48 – 68
Mèo vào nhà đẻ 04 – 40
Mèo màu trắng vào nhà 23 – 32
Mèo hoang vào nhà 14 – 54 – 94
Mèo hàng xóm vào nhà 24 – 84
Mèo màu vàng vào nhà 49 – 94
Mèo màu đen vào nhà 47 – 74
Mèo tam thể 48 – 84
Thấy 3 con mèo 14 – 41
Thấy 2 con mèo 86
Ăn thịt mèo 19 – 91
Hai con mèo cắn nhau 86
Mèo rừng 14 – 54 – 94
Bị mèo cắn 29 – 14 – 41
Mèo nằm ngủ 00 – 58
Mèo nhà 18 – 81
Cho mèo cắn nhau 66 – 46
Mèo ăn cá 14 – 41…

Modern Interpretations:

While traditional beliefs surrounding “Con Mèo Số Mấy” persist in Vietnamese culture, modern interpretations have also emerged. Some people may playfully ask about the number of a cat’s markings as a lighthearted way to engage in conversation or express curiosity about the pet.


“Con Mèo Số Mấy” serves as a fascinating window into Vietnamese cultural beliefs and superstitions. Whether approached with a playful spirit or taken more seriously, the question of a cat’s number reflects the enduring connection between humans and their feline companions in Vietnamese society.