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The Journey: Nguyên Nhân Bác Hồ Ra Đi Tìm Đường Cứu Nước

In the annals of history, few figures stand as tall as Bác Hồ, the revered leader whose quest for salvation for his people remains etched in the collective memory. This article delves into the intricate tapestry of nguyên nhân bác hồ ra đi tìm đường cứu nước, exploring the multifaceted reasons that propelled him on this transformative journey.

The Historical Context

To understand why Bác Hồ embarked on the mission to seek a path for the salvation of his nation, one must delve into the historical backdrop. The era was marked by political upheavals, socio-economic challenges, and the pressing need for a leader capable of steering Vietnam towards prosperity. Bác Hồ, recognizing the gravity of the situation, set out on a perilous expedition to find the solution that would rescue his people from the clutches of adversity.

Bác Hồ’s Vision for a Thriving Nation

At the core of Bác Hồ’s decision to embark on this journey lay his unwavering vision for a thriving and independent Vietnam. His commitment to the well-being of the people and the nation’s sovereignty became the driving force behind his quest. The desire to create a society free from oppression and poverty fueled his determination to find the path that would lead to the salvation of his beloved homeland.


Political Turmoil and the Call to Action

The political landscape during Bác Hồ’s time was fraught with turmoil, with external pressures and internal strife posing existential threats. In response to these challenges, Bác Hồ felt an urgent call to action. The search for a way to save Vietnam from the grips of instability and external dominance became a paramount mission that consumed his thoughts and actions.

Navigating through Challenges: Bác Hồ’s Perseverance

Bác Hồ’s journey was no easy feat, as he encountered numerous challenges along the way. From diplomatic intricacies to internal dissent, each obstacle tested his resolve. However, his perseverance, akin to a guiding light, propelled him forward, undeterred by the hurdles that sought to impede his mission.

Economic Imperatives: Bác Hồ’s Pragmatic Approach

The economic landscape played a pivotal role in shaping Bác Hồ’s quest. Recognizing the need for sustainable development, he sought a path that would ensure economic prosperity for Vietnam. His exploration for solutions encompassed not only political realms but also delved deep into economic strategies that would fortify the nation’s foundations.

Social Upliftment: A Pillar of Bác Hồ’s Mission

Bác Hồ’s journey was not solely a political or economic endeavor; it was equally a pursuit of social upliftment. The welfare of the people rested at the heart of his mission. As he sought the path to rescue Vietnam, he envisioned a society where every citizen could lead a dignified life, free from the shackles of poverty and inequality.

The Humanitarian Aspect: Bác Hồ’s Compassionate Leadership

Beyond the political and economic dimensions, Bác Hồ’s journey was infused with a profound humanitarian spirit. His compassion for the common people and dedication to ensuring their well-being underscored the essence of his mission. The quest for a path to salvation was, at its core, an embodiment of Bác Hồ’s commitment to the welfare of humanity.

1. The pain of dehydration and passionate patriotism:

Witnessing the country being invaded by the French colonialists and our people suffering hardship, oppression, and exploitation, Uncle Ho felt extremely sad. The pain of losing his country and his passionate patriotism urged Uncle Ho to find a way to save the country.

2. Explore and learn to liberate the nation:

Uncle Ho realized that to save the country, it was necessary to find the right path. He decided to go explore and learn from the world’s advanced experiences and theories to apply to Vietnamese practice.

3. Aspiration for national liberation:

Uncle Ho always had the will to liberate the nation from the oppression of the French colonialists. He believes that the Vietnamese people can liberate themselves through the right path.

4. Influence of patriotic movements and progressive ideas:

The failure of the patriotic movements in the early twentieth century affected Uncle Ho’s thinking. He realized that there needed to be a new path to liberate the nation. He was also influenced by progressive ideas such as Marxism-Leninism, liberalism, equality, and fraternity.

5. Seek international help:

Uncle Ho believed that to gain national independence, Vietnam needed international help. Uncle Ho wants to seek support from brotherly countries around the world.


The event of Uncle Ho leaving to find a way to save the country was an important turning point in the history of Vietnam’s revolution. Uncle Ho found the right path for the Vietnamese revolution, which is the path of national independence and socialism.

In addition, there are some other causes such as:

  • Uncle Ho wanted to learn about advanced countries to learn development experiences.
  • Uncle Ho wanted to expand his vision and understanding of the world.
  • Uncle Ho wanted to train himself to become a talented leader.

The fact that Uncle Ho left to find a way to save the country is a testament to Uncle Ho’s passionate patriotism and iron will. Uncle Ho devoted his whole life to the cause of national liberation and unification of the country. He is a shining example for the young generation of Vietnam to follow.


In unraveling the journey of nguyên nhân bác hồ ra đi tìm đường cứu nước, we encounter a tapestry woven with political acumen, economic foresight, social compassion, and an unwavering commitment to the nation’s well-being. Bác Hồ’s quest stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of leadership, driven by a profound sense of responsibility towards the people and the country.